Truly Unique Stained Glass Stepping Stones

Happy Trails Stepping Stones was founded in 1997 on Saint Simons Island by Jacksonville, Florida natives David and Robin Edenfield. The first stepping stones were made with broken china supplied by a local gift shop owner and sold in her shop. They were popular, but the supply of china was limited, and when it was gone David discovered stained glass as a new material with endless design possibilites. This led to a new business supplying wholesale stepping stones to plant nurseries, garden centers, gift shops and art galleries from Central Florida to South Carolina. The stepping stones proved to be wildly popular and they have stood up to the test of time and traffic. Many of the designs that you see here are from those first years.

With nearly 20 years of wholesale it is time to try other venues. My Etsy shop has been going since late 2013 and I am listing on's new hand made site. If you are located near Southeast Georgia the best deal on my stepping stones can be found here on this site because of the shipping calculator. If you see something you like on one of the other sites, let me know and I will make it available here.

Another endeavor has grown from the stepping stone business, All of the scrap stained glass that Happy Trails generated was way too pretty to throw away, so we created tumbled glass with it and sold it on Ebay. It is a popular product, and led to all of the many shapes, sizes and colors of stained glass tile that we produce and sell today on our other web site.

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